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Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II’s signature and most awarded product. This beauty essence, with over 90% PITERA™, improves skin texture and evens out skin tone, giving you radiant-looking skin.
USD$ 116.30

Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II's signature product, the much-loved and most awarded bestseller, Facial Treatment Essence has over 90% Pitera, the miracle ingredient discovered over 30 years ago that remains essentially unchanged till today.
USD$ 109.40

Facial Treatment Essence Man

The miracle product of SK-II now specially formulated for men. SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence contains over 90% PITERA™, the active ingredient at the core of every SK-II product. In just 14 days, skin becomes smoother, firmer, less oily and vibrantly clear.
USD$ 121.50

Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser

SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser cares for your skin while cleansing. Containing Concentrated Pitera™ and Mild Treatment Essence, it leaves your skin hydrated even 30 minutes after cleansing. It can be transformed into fine-textured lather and gives mild rose scent. It refines skin texture, increases firmness, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, enhances radiance and controls spots.
USD$ 51.60

Pitera Deluxe Set

The miracle of PITERA™ Formulated with PITERA™, SK-II's signature natural bio-ingredient that conditions the skin's natural functions, containing over 50 micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids
USD$ 161.70

Pitera Deluxe Hydrating Gift Set

Pitera Deluxe Hydrating 3-Pieces Set: 1x Facial Treatment Essence (Skin Balancing Essence) 230ml/7.7oz 1x Facial Lift Emulsion (Moisturizing Lotion) 100g/3.5oz 1x Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (Clear Purifying Lotion) 230ml/7.7oz Ideal both for personal use & as a gift
USD$ 214.90

Skinpower Advanced Cream

Just like beauty stems from the root1, youthful strength comes from the seed. Achieving the desired skin can be challenging, as many often tend to focus only on the symptoms rather than tackling a root cause of signs of aging skin.
USD$ 128.70
USD$ 90.90