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Birch Juice Moisturizing Pad

Recharge the skin with moisture while scrubbing away skin impurities and makeup with this all-in-one cleansing pad.
USD$ 30.00

1025 Dokdo Pad

This Dokdo Toner Pad is made with concentrated minerals from Ulleungdo's deep seawater, soaked in a relaxing cotton pad. It provides deep hydration, gentle exfoliation, and soothes your stressed-out skin with Panthenol, Allantoin, and Betaine.
USD$ 29.20

1025 Dokdo Cleansing Tissue

Ideal for travel and sleepovers, this cleansing tissue infused with micellar particles effectively dissolves makeup, dirt and grime with a few easy swipes. A mix of deep sea water, hyaluronic acids and panthenol boosts skin’s moisture levels while keeping skin soothed.
USD$ 14.00

Pine Calming Cica Pad

Round Lab Pine Tree Soothing Cica Pad helps exfoliate the skin and deliver calming care with a single pad.
USD$ 30.00

Pure Fit Cica Low pH Cleansing Pad

Low pH and non-irritating all-in-one cleansing pad soaked in Pure Fit Cica-7 Complex helps to simplify your skincare routine.
USD$ 19.00

Pure 100% Cotton Rounds

2-way cotton pad with two different side You can use different cotton pads on the front and the back. Cleansing with the wavy side and skin care with the absorbent side. 100% cotton which can wipe your skin without any irritation. Doesn't contain any fluorescent substances, Formaldehyde-releasing agents, and heavy metal. Made from the most skin-friendly fabric. *This product is made of 100%
USD$ 12.00

One Step Green Calming Pad

Green- Rx Complex from natural plants gently touch and recover the irritated skin.Green Tea Water 75%. Base water is derived from green tea which soothes and hydrates skin.The mildest treatment.The pad is made of special soft fabric for sensitive skin.
USD$ 17.50

One Step Moisture Up Pad

Full of strong natural moisture energy with high content of Alaskan glacier water. Alaska glacier water fills your skin with moisture, Moisture toning pads with BHA and PHA to gently care your skin texture. Quantity : 70 Pads
USD$ 17.50

Pure Fit Cica Pad

Ideal for those with sensitive skin, COSRX’s Pure Fit Cica Toner Pad is enriched with centella asiatica extracts to soothe and fortify the skin’s barrier, and mentha aquatic extract to deliver extra cooling effects. Leave on face for 5-10 minutes and pat in the remaining essence for optimal results.
USD$ 15.20

Poreless Pad

An addition to the best-selling One Step Pad line – pore targeting pads! Following in the foots steps of the best selling One Step Pad line, with over 8 million units sold worldwide, the Poreless Pad has been released as an answer to consumers’ skincare concerns.The mesh pad boasts a unique texture that boosts its exfoliating effect and ensures maximum delivery of the APBL Complex to the skin. Made without binder or chemical ingredients, this skin-friendly fabric passed safety and hypoallergenic tests with flying colours!
USD$ 18.20

RX Studio Standard Pad Case

A simple, travel-friendly case specially designed for COSRX One Step Pad Series (One Step Original Clear Pad, One Step Moisture Up Pad, One Step Green Hero Calming Pad) Carry around One Step Pads in the Standard Pad Case, and use the pads to wipe out skin before fixing make up. Small and handy size that fits perfectly in any pouch.
USD$ 2.40