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A L'ombre des Figuiers Scented Candle

Always inspired by poetic nature, the major and emblematic theme of Van Cleef & Arpels, these new candles offer a new scented journey by evoking enchanting landscapes.
USD$ 67.50

Bibliothèque Scented Candle

Sheltered from the passage of time, libraries have the power to teleport us to a world in suspension. The velvety quality of the paper embodied in a touch of peach, plum and vanilla and the omnipresent patchouli like a backbone runs through the composition.
USD$ 33.60

Bohemia Scented Candle

A delicately fragranced pillar candle Warms your living space with a soft, comforting fragrance Creates an ambience of purity & tranquility Hand made in France using mouthblown glass & cotton wicks Available in a range of scents & colors Caution: Burn on heat resistant surface. Do not drop foreign matter or wick-trimmings into candle. Burn in an open area away from drafts. Keep candle burning within sight. Keep out of reach of children & pets
USD$ 33.60

Buongiorno Candle

Invite the fresh aromas of the Italian countryside into your home with the Buongiorno candle.
USD$ 67.30

English Pear & Freesia Scent To Go

An effortless, scented accessory infused with English Pear & Freesia. The lightweight and portable design is just the right size to accompany you anywhere, offering a generous amount of fragrance on the go for up to three months. Perfect for inside your handbag, gym bag or luggage. At home, leave it in your wardrobe, pop it in a drawer or place it on your desk. Our mellow, fruity fragrance captures the sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears, wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias. Transform any small space with scent.
USD$ 41.07

FC Bibliothèque

Sheltered from the passage of time, libraries have the power to teleport us to a world in suspension. The velvety quality of the paper embodied in a touch of peach, plum and vanilla and the omnipresent patchouli like a backbone runs through the composition.
USD$ 60.20

Feu de Bois (Wood Fire)

The herbarium of trees In the fireplace, logs flare up and are slowly consumed. The wax of this small scented candle captures their dense, smoky notes. At times the wood comes to life, crackling. The interplay of light and shadows feels like a tribute to winter.
USD$ 20.70

Fleur Fantome Scented Candle

A scent evoking the imaginary smell of silent flowers. Supposedly odorless varieties are more subtle than we think. A distinguished green blend from which surges the slightly almondy notes of heliotrope and discrete suede.
USD$ 34.40

Home Collection Oh L'Amore Candle

The emotions of falling in love, diffused into your home, for a romantic atmosphere.Olfactive family: Amber spicy Tasting Notes: Black pepper, clove, opoponax, benzoin, tonka bean
USD$ 50.40

Les Mimosas D'hiver Candle

The Les Mimosa d’Hiver candle from Van Cleef & Arpels aims to envelop the lucky recipient in the warmth of wintertime mimosa.
USD$ 67.50

Luce di Colonia Candle

Illuminate your home with radiant brightness and refined lightness of the unmistakably Italian scent of Luce di Colonia. Elegantly timeless, Luce di Colonia embodies the quintessential essence of our scent universe. A candle, inspired by the signature Colonia, that radiates brightness and lightness through your space with its harmonious blend of citrus essences.
USD$ 89.30

Mini Scented Candle Gift Box Set (Berries, Fig Tree, Roses)

Set of 3 small candles Baies recalls the irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves. Figuier evokes the tree's many charms: the warmth of its bark the freshness of its leaves and the milky sap of its fruit. Roses is a ravishing tribute to the queen of flowers.
USD$ 82.00

Replica Jazz Club candle

Replica Jazz Club candle evokes the exhilarating, intimate atmosphere of a private jazz club. Spicy, confident and rich, the scent of cocktails fills the room, while a saxophone plays, and the warmth of a rich whisky is felt. Made from high quality mineral wax, this cotton wick candle lasts up to 40 hours. Size 165g
USD$ 58.20

Roses Candle

Rose bushes brimming with flowers one day in May. Some are just opening, others are in full bloom, their petals beaded with dew. Their fragrance fills the air with fresh, floral notes.
USD$ 20.70

Sig. Oud Scented Candle

A luxury candle expressing the intense and vigorous notes of Oud that evokes a subtle harmony of contrasts across your home.
USD$ 78.30

Sig. Quercia Candle

A luxury candle expressing the enveloping and vibrant notes of Quercia that evokes generous sensations of green and light across your home.
USD$ 78.30

Summer Rain Candle

An olfactive interpretation of a rainy parenthesis on a hot day, Summer Rain signals a reset – channelling a particular sense of freedom, the magic of summer.​ A dash through the downpour. Falling raindrops warmed by the sun. The restorative power of nature. Summer Rain is a slate wiped clean, ready for a new day.
USD$ 60.20

Tree House Scented Candle

Some dreamed of tree houses as a child. Constructions that blend into their natural. Cedar, bamboo, sandalwood, guaiac wood and hay. A solid frame dotted with scents of spice, myrrh and labdanum.
USD$ 35.30
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