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Pamper your hands and feet with luxurious lotions, creams, and treatments to keep them moisturized, nourished, and looking their best. Shop now for beautiful and well-cared-for hands and feet.

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Verveine Cooling Hand Cream

This cream gel enriched with organic verbena extract from Provence moisturises and refreshes, leaving a powdery finish on hands. Enriched with mint and thyme essential oils, known for their purifying properties, it penetrates instantly and leaves hands soft and delicately perfumed.
USD$ 20.70

Rose Hand Cream

Enriched with shea butter, this light and sweet cream helps to nourish, protect and repair the hands.
USD$ 22.90

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning Hand Cream

A nourishing and soothing hand cream to recreate the Lazy Sunday Morning cocooning memory every day of the week. Relive your most self-indulgent Lazy Sunday Morning each day with a new REPLICA perfumed ritual.
USD$ 28.10

Wild Bluebell Body & Hand Wash

Our refreshing Body & Hand Wash with meadow foam seed gently cleanses and deliciously scents your skin with delicate Wild Bluebell. The sweetness of dewy bluebells suffused with lily of the valley and a luscious twist of persimmon. The enhanced formula helps leave body and hands feeling conditioned and soft. Its crystal clear gel transforms into a rich lather and its uplifting fragrance fills the bathroom, immersing you in delicate scent.
USD$ 40.40

LE BAUME Revitalizing Balm for Hands, Lips and Body

Dior Le Baume, the Dior beauty essential you soon won’t be able to do without: its ultra-compact design is as fashionable as it is practical, making it a must-have from the house. Take it with you wherever you go. With Le Baume, Dior reimagines an essential skincare step in a travel-friendly size: a multi-purpose revitalizing treatment that can be used to repair the particularly dry areas of the hands, lips and body. Its comforting and enveloping sensorial texture delivers a soothing balm feel.
USD$ 52.00

Holiday 2023 Mirto Hand & Body Ritual Apac

The is a luxurious and indulgent skincare set that combines the rejuvenating properties of mirto extract with Acqua Di Parma's exquisite fragrances.
USD$ 87.10

Rosa Nobile Hand Cream

A beauty must-have for on-the-go, the Velvety Hand Cream is pleasantly scented with the refined notes of Rosa Nobile, it hydrates and smooths hands, leaving them silky and luminous.
USD$ 35.20

Vitamin E Hand Treatment

Rich and sumptuous to the touch, Vitamin E Nourishing Hand Treatment conditions the skin while providing formidable environmental protection. A hint of pomelo and cassis leave skin deliciously scented.
USD$ 34.33

English Pear & Freesia Body & Hand Lotion

The essence of autumn. The sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears is wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, and mellowed by amber, patchouli and woods. Luscious and golden. Enriched with coconut oil, our Body & Hand Lotion is readily absorbed to instantly hydrate and condition, while its fragrance-diffusing properties help to radiate scent from the skin.
USD$ 49.20

Skin Caviar Essence-in Lotion

The first step in your skincare ritual, this pre-serum, infused with distilled caviar water, prepares your skin to reap the benefits of the serum and treatments to follow.
USD$ 19.60

Skin Caviar Luxe Cream

In 2023, the pioneering scientists at La Prairie take the next step in lifting and firming to focus on the very life within the skin. Fusing the newly developed Caviar Micro-Nutrients with Caviar Premier for the first time, the remastered Skin Caviar Luxe Cream aims to support skin's metabolism and ultimately restore its youthful structure.
USD$ 17.40

Platinum Rare Cellular Life Lotion

Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion is the first step in a new beginning for skin. An unparalleled formulation drawn from the source of life that regenerates to rejuvenate.
USD$ 24.80

Immortelle Shea Body Balm

With 2 patents pending, Immortelle Karité Pro-Youth Body Balm is a complete body moisturiser that fights against visible signs of ageing and helps to revive skin's youthfulness and luminosity.
USD$ 65.00

Shea Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil

Soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails with this Nourishing Oil. 99% of natural origin ingredients. Our new formulation contains 30% Shea oil and comes with a brush applicator for easy, clean application. To use, gently press on the tube and apply to cuticles with the brush before manicuring. Massage to soften the cuticles and help strengthen nails.
USD$ 21.80

Replica Sailing Day hand cream

A moisturizing and tender hand cream to recreate the memory of a Sailing Day every day of the week. Delicately perfumed with the REPLICA iconic Sailing Day scent, this hand cream brings a soft and invigorating sensation while hydrating and nourishing your skin. It is an invitation to indulge yourself the fresh energy of the ocean.
USD$ 28.10

Power Infusing Hand Cream

New Ultimune Power Infusing Hand Cream, powered by our double anti-aging technology to Moisturizes and protects the skin from external damage for smoother and hydrated hands.
USD$ 21.60

Rose Gold Hand Cream

Bright and effervescent, Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold fragrance embodies the spirit of optimism.
USD$ 38.90

Hand 24 Hour

With an expert formulation designed to protect the skin and lock in anti-aging action, Hand 24 Hour hydrates, repairs, comforts and protects the skin to fight the visible signs of time.
USD$ 57.20

Hand Nutritive Treatment

With an expert formulation designed to protect the skin and lock in anti-aging action, Hand 24 Hour hydrates, repairs, comforts and protects the skin to fight the visible signs of time.
USD$ 85.60
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