Shu Uemura

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Anti Oxi+ Pollutant & Dullness Clarifying Cleansing Oil

Specially developed oil soluble technology to remove makeup effectively. Enriched with Japanese green tea with botanical oxidising property to cleanse and improve dull skin, awaking delicate skin to shine.
USD$ 15.40

Brow Sword Naginata Eyebrow Pencil

The iconic naginata-shaped eyebrow pencil unique to shu uemura with the silky-soft formula for easy and soft application.
USD$ 27.70

Hard Formula Hard 9

The number one eyebrow pencil,* hard formula stands out from the crowd by its unique shape and formula. thanks to the tip sharpened in the shape of a Japanese “naginata” blade, you can draw natural eyebrow hair one by one.
USD$ 20.23

Petal 55 Foundation Brush

The unique petal 55 foundation brush ensures that the makeup is even without leaving any marks. Apply foundation liquid with foundation brush for 30 seconds to create a patchy bottom makeup without leaving any marks.
USD$ 45.36

Petal 55 Foundation Brush

Petal 55 foundation brush ensures a quick and easy streak-free professional face makeup foundation.
USD$ 15.33

Rouge Unlimited Amplified Lacquer

A melting lacquer lipstick that provides intense color-pay off while keeping your lips plump and moisturized with non-sticky feeling. get the high impact lips with fully loaded reflective shine, no feathering all day.
USD$ 27.43

Rouge Unlimited Amplified Matte

Shu Uemura’s rouge unlimited amplified matte is a velvet matte lipstick with rich pigments that provide intense color saruration and maximum coverage.
USD$ 33.80

Rouge Unlimited Kinu Cream

Rouge Unlimited Kinu Cream is a liquid lip with the unique strength and softness.
USD$ 27.43

Rouge Unlimited Kinu Matte

Rouge Unlimited Kinu Matte offers you a lightweight, non-drying silky matte lip finish with 88% of the lip-conditioning formula infused with japanese tsubaki oil.
USD$ 35.00

Rouge Unlimited Kinu Satin

Rouge Unlimited Kinu Satin is a satin lipstick with a silky, weightless gliding texture infused with japanese tsubaki oil.
USD$ 27.43

Ultime8 Cleansing Balm

This high-performing cleansing balm enables intensive cleansing with an unsurpassed ability to make the skin feel soft and firm. While using cleansing oil daily, use this exceptional product for intense cleansing 3 times a week as part of your special cleansing ritual to thoroughly cleanse makeup and impurities in a single step.
USD$ 60.70

Unlimited Block Booster Mauve

Developed specifically for asian skin, unlimited block:booster boosts color-lasting, UV protection and comfort wear of your foundation that instantly enhances your natural complexion.
USD$ 41.30

Unlimited Care Primer

unlimited care mochi balmy base helps your skin to feel stabilized & strengthen the skin epidermal barrier with its cocooning bouncy texture.
USD$ 55.60

Unlimited Glow Fluid Foundation

Unlimited glow breathable care-in foundation is a liquid foundation inspired by skincare, for all-day moisturizing feeling.
USD$ 30.19

Unlimited Loose Powder

Unlimited mopo breathable fixing loose powder is a perfect match for your favorite foundation, giving your skin smooth & translucent finish thanks to light transmitting micro powder.
USD$ 45.00

Unlimited Nude Foundation Powder Compact

New unlimited nude mopo care-in powder foundation is infused with tsubaki oil, and contains approx. 25% of skincare ingredients, brings you a healthy filtered nude skin finish.
USD$ 17.50

Unlimited Nude Mopo Care-In Powder Foundation

New unlimited nude mopo care-in powder foundation is infused with tsubaki oil, and contains approx. 25% of skincare ingredients, brings you a healthy filtered nude skin finish.
USD$ 32.49