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Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick

Get ready for one of our best lipsticks, the ultimate bold matte finish with L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick: long wear lasting comfort, flawless colour and powdery matte finish. Apply in a single stroke and choose from 13 lipstick shades. Dramatic impact without the drama of dry lips.
USD$ 18.40

Absolue Cushion Kit Spf50+/PA+++

Absolue reveals its 1st high coverage and longwear liquid foundation in a cushion with a smoothing, hydrating and remplumping effect.
USD$ 57.50

Absolue Essence Foundation SPF20

A serum-in-oil foundation infused with 44% active skincare ingredients. Provides a natural, seamless coverage.
USD$ 81.50

Absolue Essence-in-Power

The precious Absolue skincare ingredients infused in our iconic Absolue Essence Foundation.The luxury essence foundation infused with exclusive Perpetual Rose extract^, exquisitely blended with 24K gold coated pigment for perfectly glowing finish and for a complexion that radiates with golden glow.
USD$ 71.40

Absolue Regenerating Brightening Light Cream

Through its new transformative texture, Lancôme's premium Absolue skincare range reveals NEW Absolue Soft Cream.
USD$ 242.30

Absolue Revitalizing Eye Cream

Lancôme lab has turned to phenomenon of nature. Inspired by its time defying vitality: Lancôme Perpetual Rose*, blooming rigorously almost all year long, millions of rose extract molecules are infused in Absolue The Eye Cream**.
USD$ 73.60

Absolue Rich Cream

In the heart of the Absolue Cream lies an exclusive complex of active ingredients derived from Grand Rose Extracts, a concentrated regenerating blend of three powerful rose extracts to act on all visible signs of ageing.
USD$ 242.30

Absolue Rose 80 Lotion

Enriched with rich Grand Rose essence oil and 80% of rose water, pairing with the powerful hyaluronic acid, this silky and watery essence has extraordinary effects on nourishing, reducing wrinkles and lines, revealing the beauty of youth.
USD$ 73.70

Absolue Skin Care Gift Set 3pcs With Toner+Eye Cream+Face Cream

At the heart of Absolue is a unique complex of active forms derived from Grand Rose Extract, a concentrated regenerative blend of three powerful rose extracts whose effects are all visible.
USD$ 299.90

Absolue Soft Cream

In the heart of Lancôme's Absolue Soft Cream lies an exclusive complex of active ingredients derived from Grand Rose Extracts, a concentrated regenerating blend of three powerful rose extracts to combat all visible signs of ageing.
USD$ 242.30

Absolue Soft Day Cream

In the heart of Lancôme's Absolue Soft Cream lies an exclusive complex of active ingredients derived from Grand Rose Extracts, a concentrated regenerating blend of three powerful rose extracts to combat all visible signs of ageing.
USD$ 34.00

Absolue The Serum

Millions of regenerative rose molecular fractions infinite cell renewal drop after drop, skin is redensified with eternal golden glow.
USD$ 242.30

Advanced Génifique Eye cream

Stronger, brighter today. Younger-looking eyes tomorrow. Inspired by microbiome science, our iconic Advanced Génifique Yeux eye cream now have millions of prebiotic and probiotic fractions concentrated in one patented formula* providing essential nutrients for the skin of eye contour.
USD$ 42.60

Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate Duo

The skin Microbiome, the biggest revolution in skin science in the past century.
USD$ 206.60

Clarifique Double Essence Enzymatic Resurfacante Enzymatic Dual Essence

Inspired by 30 years of enzyme research, Clarifique Dual Essence is an essence like no other. Our formula is powered by green-tech extracted Beech Bud Extract; a precious ingredient hand-harvested in the Ardèche forest, in southern France and extracted by green-tech process into a potent extract.
USD$ 69.90

Clarifique Double Essence Refining Enzymatic Dual Essence

A brightening & refining concentrated facial essence. Breakthrough bi-phase formula combines two essences in a unique 97/3 ratio.
USD$ 93.60

Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser

Lancôme® Gel Eclat is a fine, voluminous foam that penetrates deep into the pores to gently liberate the skin from impurities and toxins for radiant skin.
USD$ 36.30

Grandiose Smudgeproof Mascara

Lancôme® Grandiôse is the 1st swan-neck™ mascara to work with the shape of face for an access to all lashes, featuring an ultra black, glossy formula.
USD$ 60.30

Grandiose Wide-angle Fan Effect Mascara

An updated mascara that creates a magnificent eye look.
USD$ 26.80

Idole Eau De Parfum

Here's to the ones who dream big. A new generation of conquering women. Strong. Outspoken. Empowered. Here's to the leaders of tomorrow, daringly reaching for the sky and opening new horizons. Here's to the new idols, paving the way for others. Declare the time is now, be your own idôle.
USD$ 65.40

La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum

The iconic Eau de Parfum, now reinvented towards sustainable luxury. One simple gesture, a step towards a happier tomorrow: refill your Iconic fragrance, again and again.
USD$ 69.50

Miracle Eau De Parfum

Experience the essence of happiness with this radiant fragrance, as a blend of juicy lychee, delicate magnolia petals, tangy bourbon pepper, and vibrant ginger creates a fresh and fruity top note
USD$ 51.10

Renergie Eye Cream

This lifting eye cream is powerful in promoting youthful eyes! Nourishing and hydrating, eye contours are provided with rich nutrients and becoming smooth and wrinkle-free.
USD$ 52.80

Renergie H.P.N Ultra Cream Triple Performance Anti-Aging Lifting Cream

Lancôme brings out the beauty in all women, in all ages. Lancôme was created to share French beauty with the whole world.
USD$ 52.90

Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra Triple Serum

Triple-dose serum to help improve volume loss, visibly reduce wrinkles & brighten dark spot appearance. The expert combination of powerhouse ingredients in this formula, represented by the name H.C.F. (Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C+ Niacinamide, and Ferulic Acid) is designed to deliver optimal anti-aging benefits in one triple dose. It targets visible improvement of aging signs, layer by layer: Layer 1 – Volume Loss, Layer 2 – Wrinkles, and Layer 3 – Dark Spots.
USD$ 112.50

Tonique Confort

The 4th generation Tonique Confort is now here for the dry skin. With upgraded lightweight milk texture and mild ingredients, this toner can hydrate, smooth, replump, comfort, purify and soothe skin for soft, tender and plump complexion.
USD$ 41.80

UV Expert Aqua Gel SPF50 PA++++

The UV Expert Aqua Gel is a multi-protection cream that helps your skin fight against daily aggressors such as UV rays and urban pollution*.
USD$ 137.90

UV Expert BBn SPF50 /PA 50ml Limited 353

highest level of protection. In addition to its own UV filter, it is equipped with edelweiss extract that protects the skin beautifully. "Royal road BB" that covers skin troubles. Moisturizing feeling lasts all day. Bright and glossy skin with one coat. Even one bottle on your day off. (SPF50+/PA++++)
USD$ 52.60
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