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Japanese hot peach hot water 200ml

  • Pigeon Baby Peach Leaf Essence Body Lotion is moisturizing and moisturizing with natural peach leaf essence, and it does not contain any fragrance, is colorless and tasteless, and has a quick repair effect on baby's fever, diaper rash, and eczema. In addition to preventing prickly heat, it has another use that can calm the baby's sunburned skin in the hot summer
  • With natural peach leaf essence, moisturizing and nourishing No fragrance, no coloring, special for sensitive skin It can quickly repair baby's fever, diaper rash, and eczema.
  • In addition to preventing prickly heat, the sun can also calm the skin and reduce inflammation There will be no worries about talcum powder flying dust Suitable for the third skin: weak acid, low irritation, professional skin test. The water-like liquid is easy to use, spreads evenly and does not stick to clothesWhy use body lotion instead of BB BB's skin development is not perfect, and the density of sweat glands is 7 times that of adults and they are prone to sweating.There are many folds in BB's neck, armpits, and thigh roots. Sweat is not easy to volatilize in time. Accumulation may stimulate the baby's delicate skin, causing redness, itching, and even prickly heat. In a few cases, if the care is not done properly, the damaged skin may become infected.The body lotion can absorb excess moisture on the baby's skin surface, help sweat evaporate, help prevent the baby from developing prickly heat and remove prickly heat.