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PAPA JELLY 5 Japan Liver Oil Pills (Strawberry Flavor) -120 capsules ( new and old packaging is in random)

  • Providing the nutrients needed for growth and development, partial eating for children, unbalanced diet, physical weakness, illness and post-illness recovery period, loss of appetite, absorption of nutrients, etc, are helpful.
  • 【Suggested Usage】:
  • Children aged 1-14 years old 1 capsule 1 capsule per day and adults over 15 years of age 1 time 2 capsules per day, chewing at any time.
  • 【The right people】:
  • Children
  • 【Capacity per piece】:
  • 120 capsules
  • 【Origin】:
  • Japan
  • 【Expiration period】:
  • Valid period see packaging
  • (Data is based on the physical nature of the product)