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All-round sonic skin tightening instrument (random color)

  • Recently, I fell in love with a gadget. What is the function of the Japanese Sonic Skin Firming Instrument? It can vibrate and generate heat to dredge the blood vessels of the face, and after the blood supply to the face is sufficient, it can not only remove the dark yellow face but also whiten and ruddy the skin, lift and lighten the fine lines around the eyes and decree lines. Shrink pores, anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle, promote collagen, promote lymphatic drainage and other effects. It promotes collagen through micro-current, and it also has the function of vibrating and heating, which can effectively dredge blood vessels and promote lymphatic drainage. It can also be used to apply eyes, promote blood circulation, and improve dark circles. The traditional [Gua Sha] is used to dredge the meridians, detoxify and beautify the skin. In ancient times, this was a beauty method that women respected very much. Use the special push plate to push the muscles upward and pul