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Brown Algae Liver Guard

  • Brown Algae Liver Guard is a liver health product developed in Hong Kong. It is manufactured by the GMP factory under local university in Hong Kong, and strictly monitored by The Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology. It is mainly extracted from brown microalgae that is elaborately cultivated in the Hong Kong greenhouse. After years of effort, our Hong Kong technical team develops a unique extraction technology tomaintain the bioactive substances in microalgae precisely and has been certified by the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission and supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund. A bottle of 90-capsules consist of 12000mg concentrated fucoxanthin (approximate to the amount extracted from 1ton of brown macroalgae like kelp). Its golden bioactive substance has strong lipolytic power by triggering visceral fat degradation. Besides, it is strong antioxidant with the ability to repair and activate damaged cells, make us feel refreshed and delay ageing. T