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Age Logic Cellulaire Intelligent Cell Renewal

  • First ever treatment that fights against cellular aging
  • Stimulates metabolism & boosts cell renewal with Cellular Life Concentrate
  • Rich in anti-glycation agents to defense skin from loss of elasticity & firmness
  • Provides vitamins C, E & anti-oxidant to combat free radical damage
  • Leaves skin velvety smooth & revitalized with a healthy glow
  • Targets for mature skin

Anti Wrinkle Rich Cream (For Dry Skin)

  • An anti-wrinkle rich cream for dry skin
  • Epidermal hyaluronic acid smoothes skin’s surface & reinforces cell cohesion to limit water loss
  • Dermal hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight) activates natural hyaluronic acid synthesis to restore density & tone to skin
  • Visibly smooth wrinkles & lines
  • Regenerates & reidentifies skin
  • Hydrate skin & makes the face appear more youthful

Anti-fatigue Yeux Eye Mask

  • A 10-minute revitalizing eye mask
  • Helps instantly eliminate puffiness & dark circles
  • Dramatically reduces visible wrinkles & fine lines
  • Leaves the delicate eye skin feeling soft, smooth, comfortable & hydrated

Beaute Neuve Renewal Peeling Cream

  • A skin refining facial peeling cream
  • Powered by Peelactive, an active ingredient that helps promote cell & skin renewal
  • Contains a Vegetable Wax Complex to protect & nourish skin
  • Removes dead skin cells & refines skin texture
  • Restores an even & radiant complexion
  • Perfect for all skin types

Bioxygene Face Cream

  • Enables the skin to absorb more oxygen for a healthier appearance
  • Fights against environmental irritants induced by stress, smoking & pollution
  • Prevents visible damage on skin
  • Unveils a smoother, more nourished & younger looking complexion

Bioxygene Radiance Cream

  • A cream protects skin all day long from pollution & the harmful effects of the environment
  • Pro-Oxygen reinforces & improves the oxygenation of skin cells to restore the radiance of skin ‘in fine form’
  • BiOXYGÈNE maintains a good moisture balance throughout the day, providing the skin with softness & comfort
  • Hydrocyte Complex provides long-lasting moisture, holds water sustainably in cells & neutralises dehydration lines
  • Plant DNA helps regenerate & repair cells
  • Purisoft protects skin cells against pollution whilst letting skin breathe
  • Vitamin E helps anti-free radical & antioxidant
  • Shea Butter nourishes skin
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially dull skin

Demaquillante Micellaire Cleansing Water

  • A micellaire cleansing water that cleanses & removes make-up with a single gesture
  • White Lily Bulb extract softens & protects skin against harmful oxidizing agents
  • Gives the skin a softer & cleansed appearance
  • Respects & protects sensitive skin
  • Suitable for all skin types

Eye Fresh Cream

  • A rich, effective revitalizing eye cream
  • Formulated with Veinofresh, a complex of refreshing active ingredients
  • Helps combat eye puffiness & dark circles
  • Blended with Caffeine to reduce puffiness
  • Loaded with Horse Chestnut Extract to promote microcirculation & protect capillaries Infused with Hydrocyte Complex, a moisturizing complex that prevents dehydration
  • The unique metal Cryo-massage applicator facilitates application to specific areas
  • Unveils a brighter, rested, soothed & younger looking eye area

Firming Rich Cream (For Dry Skin)

  • A firming rich cream for dehydrated or dry skin
  • Helps to restore firmness deep in the tissue & smoothes the wrinkles on the surface for a total restructuring effect
  • Actiprogerin limits progerin synthesis (associated with senescence) in the cells
  • Restores elasticity & redefines the oval of the face
  • The face appears more youthful once again

Hydra Beaute Cleansing Milk (For Dry Skin)

  • A cream milk make-up remover for dry skin
  • Thoroughly removes make-up & rids the skin of impurities
  • Provides skin with a true feeling of comfort
  • Shea oil intensely nourishes, softens & soothes skin
  • Fig extract moisturizes skin & reduces water loss
  • Leaves skin soft & nourished

Hydra Beaute Instant Moisture And Radiance Mask (For Dehydrated Skin)

  • A facial cream mask for dehydrated skin
  • Hydrocyte Complex moisturises, lastingly retains moisture, & reduces its evaporation
  • Olive Wax provides emollient action
  • Fig extract moisturises skin
  • Rehydrates skin & restores radiance
  • Relaxes & immerses skin in moisture
  • Improve skin tonicity
  • Maintain skin’s soft & youthful appearance

Hydra Beaute Moisturising Cream (For Dehydrated Skin)

  • A moisturising cream for dehydrated skin
  • Protects skin continually against environmental irritants
  • Replenish water in dehydrated skin
  • Smooth dehydration lines & restore a radiant complexion
  • Hydrocyte Complex moisturises, lastingly retains moisture & reduces its evaporation
  • Phospholipids rebuild the intercellular bonds
  • Vitamin E helps anti-free radical & antioxidant
  • Shea Butter softens, forms an anti-evaporation film on skin & nourishes
  • Allantoin Soothes & softens skin
  • Maintain skin’s youthful appearance

Hydra Beaute Toning Lotion (For Dry Skin)

  • A toing lotion that softens, soothes & protects dry skins
  • Completes make-up removal
  • Fig extract moisturizes skin & reduces water loss
  • Allantoin repairs & soothes skin

Hydra Fraicheur Cleansing Milk (For Normal Skin)

  • A cleansing milk that thoroughly removes make-up & rids skin of impurities
  • Aloe Vera Extract moisturises & softens skin & boosts cellular regeneration
  • Cucumber extract refreshes & moisturises skin
  • Leaves skin feeling truly refreshed
  • Suitable for normal skin
  • Surfactant-free formula

Hydra Instant Soothing Mask

  • An instant soothing & hydrating mask for sensitive skin
  • Restores the barrier function of skin layers & reconstitutes the hydro lipid protective film to reinforce its defenses
  • Lymphokinine complex (Alpha-bisabolol, Extract of oak, and Epaline) provides soothing, anti-irritation effects
  • Gentle almond oil reinforces the hydro lipid film
  • Extract of Centella Asiatica protects & improves the resistance of the blood capillaries & soothes skin
  • Vitamin E offers anti-free radical & antioxidant effects
  • Reinforces the protection of the epidermis
  • Visibly calms & prevents sensitive reactions including tightness & redness

Hydrazone - All Skin Types

  • A long-lasting facial moisturizer
  • Formulated with Hydrocyte Liposomes to intensely moisturize skin
  • Blended with Vitamin E for anti-free radical properties
  • Skin appears softer, soothed & more radiant
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • To use: Apply morning & evening to thoroughly cleansed, toned face & neck

Hydrazone - Dehydrated Skin

  • An ultra-hydrating beauty treatment
  • Contains hydro colloid complex to protect against moisture loss
  • Ensures optimal hydration while soothing
  • Shields skin against outside aggression
  • Gently nourishes & softens the complexion
  • Perfect for dry skin

Hydrazone Intense Moisturizing Rich Cream (For Dehydrated Skin)

  • An intense moisturizing rich cream for dehydrated skin
  • Provides skin with continuous hydration
  • Contains Hydrocyte Liposomes, which carry water to the heart of the epidermis, offering cells a continuous source of hydration throughout the day
  • Hydrastructurine moisturises over the long term
  • Vitamin E combats the formation of free radicals
  • Olive wax softens skin
  • To ensure a good moisture balance & soothe & protect dehydrated skin
  • Fills dehydration lines
  • Helps restore radiance & beauty complexion

Liftosome Regenerating Lifting Face Cream

  • A regenerating lifting face cream
  • Pro Collagen (Hydrolyzed Collagen, Biopeptides and Alaria Esculenta extract)
  • increases production of elastic fibers, combats skin looseness, loss of firmness & decreased elasticity
  • Shea butter nourishes skin
  • Aloe Vera extract moisturises & softens skin
  • Lifto-Proteins provide an immediate mechanical tightening action
  • Vitamin E offers anti-free radical & antioxidant
  • Helps ‘lift’ & restore definition to the face contour
  • Tightens skin & rejuvenates the appearance of face

Longue Vie + Anti-Ageing Serum

  • A youth-boosting facial serum
  • Powered by a high concentration of 56 Cellular Ingredients developed by GUINOT Laboratories
  • Makes up a nutritional complex that helps improve the activity of skin cells
  • Boosted with Hyaluronic Acid to smooth wrinkles & plump up skin
  • Skin appears softer, firmer, more radiant, toned & revitalized
  • Perfect for all skin types

Longue Vie Cou Firming Vital Neck Care

  • Instantly minimizes wrinkles & fine lines
  • Restores a youthful appearance under the neck
  • Helps keep skin feeling supple & comfortable
  • Ensures a perfect protection against harmful external factors
  • Apply evenly to freshly cleansed neck

Longue Vie Decollete Serum - Smoothing & Firming Youth Serum For Decollete

  • A rejuvenating treatment serum for décolleté
  • Formulated with Crélastine to fill dehydration lines & smooth skin
  • Helps strengthen skin’s support tissues to restore firmness
  • Contains 56 cellular ingredients for regenerating benefits
  • Instantly enhances & rejuvenates the appearance of the décolleté
  • Keeps skin soft & moisturized

Longue Vie Yeux Eye Cream

  • A smoothing & lifting eye cream
  • Features an easy absorbing & light texture
  • Enriched with active ingredients that have been proved to be safe & effective
  • Hydro-liposomes provide in-depth moisturization at the cellular level
  • Exsy-arl compensates for the effects of glycation
  • Vitamin E offers anti-free radical & antioxidant effects
  • Horse Chestnut extract tones & improves circulation
  • Shea fruit oil protects & softens skin
  • Soft Focus pigments optically soften wrinkles
  • Reduces wrinkles & lines around the eye contour
  • Improves puffiness & minimizes the appearance of dark circles-
  • Protects & restructures the sensitive skin in the eye contour area

Microbiotic Cleansing Foam

  • A microbiotic & smoothing cleansing foam
  • Deeply cleanses & purifies skin
  • Rids the skin of impurities
  • Enriched with Sebocidine to regulate sebaceous secretions, purifies, antimicrobial action

Microbiotic Mattifying Regulating Lotion (Oily Skin)

  • A regulating mattifying toner for oily skin
  • Enriched with Sebocidine to regulate sebaceous secretions, purifies, antimicrobial action
  • Tightens the pores
  • Purifies skin & finishes make-up removal

Microbiotic Shine Control Toning Lotion (For Oily Skin)

  • Helps protect & balance oily skin
  • Calms & soothes skin
  • Tightens pores & neutralizes shine
  • Leaves skin clear & healthy
  • Preps skin to absorb maximum benefits of following skin care

Nutrizone Cream - Perfect Nourishing Cream for Dry Skin

  • Enriches the skin with precious nutrients
  • Compensates for harmful environmental effects i.e. sun, cold and free radicals
  • Apply morning and evening a light veil over the entire face

Protection Reparatrice Cream

  • A protection reparatrice cream
  • Defends the skin against environmental aggressions
  • Infused with Omega 6, an Essential Fatty Acid, which is necessary for proper functioning of the hydro-lipid skin barrier
  • Phytoprotectol & Avocado extract protects & soothes skin
  • Hydrastructurine & Shea Butter nourishes & moisturises skin
  • Soothes the feelings of discomfort
  • Leaves skin comfortable & supple
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