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NMN9000 NAD+ 60 Capsules (R&D by Li Ka Shing Science Park)

  • Activating the roots of youth is more than fighting aging NAD+ is not only a necessary substance to sustain life, it is also considered to be the key to maintaining youth. Scientists supplemented NMN to enhance NAD+, and successfully reversed the physiological age of the 2-year-old experimental mouse to 6 months, which is equivalent to the 60-year-old returning to 20 years old. NMN's effectiveness in resisting poisons, radiation and repairing DNA damage has also been recognized by NASA (NASA), and NASA plans to use it to help astronauts resist cosmic radiation and reduce cell mutations caused by DNA damage. Geneport (Hong Kong) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in the R&D center of the Hong Kong Science Park.