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Biotin Scalp Cooling Ampoule (For Scalp & Hair Care)

  • A pack of cooling ampoule that manages & deep cleanses the scalp
  • Features a texture of thickened water & upon contact with water, transforms into a thick creamy mask
  • Can be spread comfortably over the strands & easy to wash off
  • Utilizes plant-based ingredients to strengthen elasticity & volume of hair
  • Biotin & vitamin B7 contains useful trace elements that promote hair growth & stimulate the awakening of hair follicles
  • Salicylic acid actively cleanses the scalp, removes all types of impurities & exfoliates dead cells
  • Raspberry ketone accelerates & prevents hair loss
  • Penetrates deep into the hair & heals damaged areas
  • Effectively restores the structure of curls, smooths keratin scales & makes hair more manageable
  • Saturates hair with moisture & nutrients, eliminates dryness & brittleness
  • The cooling filler pleasantly refreshes hair & scalp, eliminates unpleasant sensations & itching
  • Improves microcirculation & nutrient flow
  • Leaves hair silky & shiny

Nutrition Eyelash Serum

  • A nutritional, all-in-one eyelash care
  • Highly concentrated serum formula dissolves quickly without stickiness
  • Developed with patented ingredients specialized in eyelash care
  • Helps promote continuous density & length growth of lashes
  • The high content of triple peptide helps reinforce the basic physical strength of damaged hair
  • Packed with protein & amino acid to strengthen lashes from the root
  • Features a pH similar to tears, reducing irritation to sensitive eyes
  • The two-way brush is designed specifically to fit the eye shape
  • Unveils naturally longer, fuller, stronger & thicker-looking lashes

Premium Silk Keratin Shampoo

  • A repairing keratin shampoo for professional hair care at home
  • Gently cleanses impurities from scalp & hair
  • Features slightly alkaline pH of 5.5, takes care of hair without drying it excessively
  • 8 types of proteins offer moisturizing & strengthening effects, gives energy & vitality shine to hair & increases its elasticity & density
  • 17 types of amino acids restore hair along its entire length, helps protect against extreme temperatures & harmful environmental influences
  • A complex of oils of argan, moringa, macadamia & marula actively softens hair, eliminating dryness & fragility, as well as “sealing” the split ends
  • The HP-DCC complex aims at complex hair enhancement
  • Creates an invisible protective film on surface of hair to reduce breakage
  • Specially formulated for dry, weak & damaged hair

Premium Silk Keratin Treatment

  • A 2-in-1 revitalizing treatment with keratin
  • Stimulates the hair growth process
  • Protein complex (8 types) effectively restores hair along its entire length
  • 17 types of amino acids nourish & strengthen hair, while protecting it from extreme temperatures & the harmful effects of the external environment
  • A complex of oils (argan oils, moringa, macadamia, marula) provides softening & regenerating effect, eliminates brittleness & split hair
  • HP-DCC complex repairs fragile hair, leaving it elastic & silky
  • Makes hair incredibly smooth & facilitates styling & combing
  • Specially formulated for dry, weak & damaged hair

Premium Soothing Booster Essence (For Hair)

  • A pack of booster serum for damaged hair
  • Features a creamy texture & does not grease or weigh down hair
  • Envelops each hair & eliminates hair breakage
  • The complex of proteins (8 types) has a moisturizing & strengthening effect, increases elasticity & density & prevents fading processes
  • A complex of amino acids (17 types) nourishes hair & protects it from the harmful effects of the external environment
  • The complex of oils of argan, moringa, macadamia, marula has a softening & regenerating effect, helps hair to get rid of dryness & brittleness & seals split ends
  • Ceramides help prevent moisture loss, restore structure & protect against brittleness
  • Panthenol smoothes hair
  • Leaves hair soft & shiny
  • Does not contain parabens, artificial colors, mineral oils & benzophenone
  • Suitable for dry, colored, damaged hair
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