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Aging Revolution Cream (Day Cream)

  •  Description:  Prevent and improve early signs of aging, including wrinkles and uneven skin toneAging Revolution Cream restores skin’s balance and infuses deep hydration. Thecream’s moisturising capabilities come from its aqueous texture giving it maximumpenetration. It aims to improve skin complexion as well as providing nourishment torepair sun damage, eliminate fine lines and reduce wrinkles  Main Ingredients:  Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, SimmondsiaChinensis Seed oil, Edelweiss, Asiatic Centella Extract  Directions for use:  apply twice a day     

Easy One Cleanser

  • Description:  Tuber aestivum extract (white truffle) contain a variety of bioactive compounds,including fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin C and other antioxidants that have tonify-ing and moisture balancing effects. An active ingredient helps to contrast all signs ofaggressive caused by free-radicals, sun exposure and biological aging process.Gentle, effective cleansing - effortlessly removes all traces of makeup and impuritieswithout stripping skin. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. It can help toclose pores and tighten cell gaps, reducing contamination and impurities into the skin       


  • Description:  LM mist that treats and prevents pigmentation and damage, minimize pores, reduceoil secretion, restores balance, rejuvenates environmentally stressed skin andreplenishes moisture while restoring suppleness, tones and brightens skin for ahealthy radiance and helps skin retain healthy hydration levels 

Luxurious Hydro Powered Cream (Night Cream)

  • Description:  Evening primrose oil is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid thatis known to have a multitude of skin benefits. It helps neutralize free radicals anddecrease redness, as well as increasing firmness and elasticity so your skin remainssmooth and wrinkle-free 
  • Directions for use:  apply twice a day     

O2 Brightening Gel Mask

  • Description:  Oxygen is essential to the health and maintenance of cells and has proven benefitsfor the skin. The mask enhances the available oxygen to the skin, boosting circula-tion, stimulating cell turnover, thereby leaving the complexion hydrated, plump andrevitalized. Oxygen leads to lightened hyperpigmentation, strengthened skin elastici-ty and helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria 

Silk Cleansing Milk

  • Description:  Silky cleanser is a light milk with almond seed cleanser. The main ingredients of tuberaestivum extract has skin repair abilities due to the presence of vitamins and miner-als. It helps in renewing and rejuvenating skin thereby diminishing the appearance offine lines and wrinkles. So, it is an effective anti-aging agent. It lifts away dirt andother impurities without stripping the skin of essential lipids needed to stay healthyand hydrated. It helps keep skin clear and smooth textured. It has a non-greasy,cream based formula. This creamy, soothing cleanser leaves skin soft and not tight 

Skin Refresher Cleansing Oil

  • Description:  Luxurious oil cleanser transforms into a rich foam to thoroughly remove dirt andgrime from pores while leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. A combination ofscience and botanical ingredients help firm skin and smooth lines and wrinkles. Thisbeautiful, cleansing oil not only gently cleanses your skin, but moisturizes it at thesame time. The lathering oil has the natural soothing benefits of argan oil whichleaves skin feeling instantly hydrated and smooth       

Time Machine Cream Mask

  • Description:  Contains two powerful ingredients in Caviar Extract and CoQ10. Caviar is a sourceof vitamins and minerals, including omega 3, which helps to prevent collagen andelastin breakdown. It helps rehydrate the skin and provides protection against UVradiation and other environmental factors. CoQ10 plays a role in making skin lookyounger. CoQ10 helps stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, keeping the skinwrinkle-free. It also helps the skin by acting as a strong antioxidant, neutralising theharmful free radicals that are one of the major causes of aging 

Triple Enzymes Detox Cream Mask

  • Description:  Triple enzymes keep the pores free of clogs to prevent acne and blackheads. It alsohelps other skincare products penetrate deeper, stimulates collagen synthesis andboosts circulation and lymphatic drainage 


  • Description:  Highly effective anti-aging can prevent signs of menopausal aging, brithten andrejuvenate tired, dull eyes with this potent, natural under eye mask. It smootheswrinkles around the eyes by strengthening the surrounding skin, reducing puffiness,bags, and dark circles. This lightweight under eye treatment patches can be quicklyabsorbed by the skin 
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