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Advanced Derma-Care Hydro Fresh Cream Cleanser

  • A gentle, uplifting facial wash for men
  • Features a non-foaming creamy texture
  • Helps deeply cleanse skin without stripping away skin's natural oils
  • Contains Betaine, a naturally derived amino acid obtained from sugar beet molasses
  • Helps control water balance & protect cells against osmotic stress
  • Leaves skin clear, elastic & hydrated Perfect for all skin types
$46.00 $65.00

Advanced Derma-Care Invigorating Gel Cleanser

  • A high-performance facial cleansing gel for men
  • Contains powerful, natural, active ingredients including a carefully selected combination of peptides & amino acids, bio-available nutrients & intelligent proteins
  • Provides an intense, deep cleansing to wash all topical pollutants away from the face
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Free from any synthetic materials & harmful chemical additives
$53.00 $75.00

Astringent Foam

  • A vegan, deep cleansing facial foam wash for men
  • Non-drying, oil-free formula helps remove residual grime & oil without removing essential moisture
  • Contains Witch Hazel, an active ingredient to soothe tender skin
  • Balances & refreshes skin while tightening pores
  • Leaves skin smooth, clear & toned
  • Perfect for all skin types

Charcoal Body Bar Massaging Soap

  • A multi-tasking body bar for men
  • Formulated with Charcoal to absorb odor & dirt from skin
  • Blended with exfoliating Jojoba Beads to remove dead skin cells
  • Infused with Glycerin, a natural humectant to maintain skin’s moisture balance
  • The unique nubs help massage muscles & relieve tension
  • Reveals softer, smoother & purified skin
  • Free of parabens & harsh sulfates, dermatologist-tested & cruelty-free
$13.50 $15.00

Daily Face Wash

  • A groundbreaking liquid cleanser for men
  • Helps mildly diminish impurities, oily residues & buildup
  • Formulated with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, aloe, allantoin & glycerin
  • Skin appears super clean, supple & sleek without feeling dry
  • Perfect for all skin types
$30.00 $33.00

Deep Cleanse Facial Wash (Tube)

  • A daily facial wash for men that provides deep cleansing. The fast-acting gel formulation contains spearmint, peppermint & oak bark in a milk protein base. Effectively loosens & removes dirt & grime, leaves skin clean & refreshed.
$30.00 $36.00

Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser

  • A powerful, dual-function cleanser for men
  • Effectively removes dead skin cells, pore-clogging oil, dirt & impurities
  • Keeps skin fresh, clear, smooth & firm
  • Acts as a purifying mask when left dry on skin for deep cleansing
  • Suitable for normal, combination, oily & sensitive skin
  • Dermatologist tested, fragrance-free & paraben-free
$20.50 $24.00

Face Buff Brush

  • A soft-bristle brush for men
  • Renders thorough cleansing by loosening impurities from skin & deep within pores
  • Comes with a cap for hygiene & proper maintenance
$17.00 $21.00

Face Wash - White Tea

  • A weightless refreshing face wash for men
  • Creates a rich foam to gently cleanse skin without stripping of its natural oils
  • Contains hydrating glycerine & wheat protein to reduce the appearance of pores
  • Rich in amino acids to energize skin
  • Blended with antioxidant white tea to protect skin from free radical damage
  • Leaves skin purified, balanced & healthy looking
$7.00 $20.00

Face Wash Oily Skin Formula

  • An oil-free facial cleanser for men
  • Effectively cleanses normal to oily skins & removes excess surface oil
  • Preps skin for a comfortable shave
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh & comfortable, without any tightness or dryness

Face3Some Kit: Face Moisturizer 88ml + Exfoliating Facial Cleanser 88ml + Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser 88ml

  • Face3Some Kit:
  • 1x White Knight Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser 88ml/3pz
  • 1x LiquidSand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser 88ml/3oz
  • 1x Combination Code Face Moisturizer 88ml/3oz
  • Ideal both for personal use & as a gift
$37.50 $40.00

Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash Gel Cleanser

  • Formulated with Caffeine, Menthol, vitamin E, extracts from lemon & orange peel
  • Thoroughly removes dirt, impurities & surface oil
  • Safeguards skin from over-drying & tightening
  • Prepares skin for a closer, comfortable shave
  • Leaves skin fresh, healthy & bright
  • Suitable for all skin types

Facial Wash - Peppermint Essential Oil (For Sensitive Skin)

  • A gentle cleanser for daily use
  • Helps maintain skin proper pH balance
  • With peppermint essential oil to boost circulation
  • Effectively removes impurities, dirt & perspiration
  • Green tea extracts works as a natural anti-oxidant
  • Neutralizes free radicals damage & rejuvenates skin
  • Plus Olive & jojoba oils to replenish moisture for suppleness

Homme Aquapower Cleanser

  • A potent double-action cleanser
  • Gives dense mousse to cleanse & mildly exfoliate skin
  • Enriched with moisture equivalent of 5,000 liters of Thermal Spa Water
  • Contains Oligo Minerals & Amino Acids for revitalizing & nourishing
  • Loaded with Pure Thermal Plankton Extracts for relieving & shielding
  • Plus Oligo-Sugar to sleek skin
  • Leaves skin fresh, purified & healthy
  • To use: Dampen face, apply a small amount to face & foam up skin. Mildly massage with circular motions, rinse well
$30.50 $32.00

Homme Basics Line Cleanser

  • An ultra-light facial cleanser for men with normal skin
  • Cleanses skin thoroughly & removes impurities while prospecting the skin’s surface & preparing skin for shaving
  • Enriched with Life Plankton™, the pure thermal plankton extract that revives skin’s vital functions & achieves a healthier-looking complexion
  • Locks up long-term hydration & skin appears soft, fresh & toned
  • Free of parabens & fragrance allergens
$27.50 $29.00

Homme Dermo System Micro Purifying Cleansing Gel

  • A new range of skin care, boosts cell regeneration & free-radical scavengers damage to preserve youthfulness of skin. This gel deeply cleanses & clarifies skin. Removes dirt & impurities to unclog pores
  • Very light micro-particles acts on epidermal surface to stimulate cell renewal
  • Leaves skin perfectly pure & fresh

Homme T-Pur Clay-Like Unclogging Purifying Cleanser

  • A purifying cleanser for men
  • With a clay-like texture
  • Helps unclog pores & radically eliminate impurities
  • Leaves skin clear & healthy looking
  • To use: Apply day & night to wet face, foam up & massage for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly, follow with daily regimens
$30.50 $32.00

Hydra Energetic Multi-Action 8 Detox Foam

  • An energizing facial foam wash for men
  • Refreshing foamy texture deeply cleanses & instantly removes impurities & excess dead cells
  • Formulated with Detoxyne, a combination of powerful anti-oxidants to detoxify & clarify skin
  • Softens & prepares skin for shave
  • Contains a powerful soothing active ingredient to reinforce skin's natural resistance against daily aggression
  • Enriched with Guarana & Vitamin CG to revive fatigued & stressed skin
  • Leaves skin radiant & energized
$14.00 $17.00

Lab Series All-In-One Multi-Action Face Wash

  • A non-drying, cream-to-foam exfoliating facial cleanser for men
  • Derived of a 98% purifying & conditioning ingredient blend to thoroughly remove dirt, debris & impurities
  • Contains tens of thousands of micro-silica exfoliators to eliminate dead skin cells & polish skin's texture
  • Enriched with vitamins to provide skin with nourishment & comfort
  • Infused with menthol & peppermint extract to deliver a refreshing & cooling sensation
  • Excellent to use pre-shave to smooth & soften facial hair for a close, comfortable shave
  • Perfect for all skin types

Lab Series Anti-Age Max LS Cleanser

  • A luxurious anti-aging facial wash for men
  • Creates rich lather to purify skin of impurities that can lead to signs of premature aging
  • Formulated with Trehalose & Sodium Hyaluronate to preserve skin's existing moisture barrier
  • Blended with Palmitic Acid & Lauric Acid to remove dust & dirt on skin's surface
  • Contains a revitalizing botanical complex including Green Tea & Algae Extracts for soothing properties
  • Leaves skin smooth, clean, detoxified & refreshed
  • Can also be used as a wash-off facial mask
  • Perfect for all skin types

Lab Series Daily Rescue Gel Cleanser

  • A gentle, sulfate-free facial cleanser for men
  • Gently yet thoroughly cleanses skin of dirt, oil & impurities
  • Non-drying formula maintains skin's protective barrier & preserves skin's existing levels of hydration
  • Uses Lab Series' Hydra2G Technology that acts like a magnet to attract & bind water to skin during cleansing
  • Contains Oat Amino Acids to gently cleanse, soften & condition skin
  • Infused with three forms of Vitamin B to nourish & condition skin during cleansing
  • Leaves skin smooth, comfortable, radiant & balanced
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Free of SLS, SLES, sulfate & soap

Lab Series Oil Control Clay Cleanser + Mask

  • A dual-purpose product for men with oily skin
  • Works as a daily cleanser to dissolve dirt & impurities to minimize blemishes
  • Or acts as a weekly face mask to unclog pores, remove debris & deliver exfoliating AHA/BHA complex
  • Formulated with beneficial ingredients to clarify skin for a healthier & brighter appearance
  • Amazonian White Clay absorbs & removes excess oil to deeply cleanse & detoxify skin Salicylic Acid gently sloughs away dead skin cells & pore-clogging debris to prevent breakouts
  • Acetyl Glucosamine eliminates dull, dead skin cells to boost natural cell turnover
$26.50 $30.00

Logistics For Men Deep Pore Cleansing Clay (Normal To Oily Skin)

  • A potent, deep-cleansing clay mask for men
  • Contains purifying natural clays & vitamins
  • Helps absorb excess oils, tighten pores & remove impurities from skin as mask dries
  • Effectively loosens & reduces blackheads
  • Restores clean, clear, refined & invigorated skin Perfect for normal to oily skin
  • Not recommended for sensitive or fair skin
  • Free of sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMOs & triclosan
$23.50 $24.00

Logistics For Men Purifying Astringent Pads (For All Skin Types)

  • A box of purifying, pre-soaked face pads for men
  • Helps remove impurities, shrink pores & control shine
  • Formulated with Aloe Vera for soothing & hydrating properties
  • Blended with Oat for anti-irritant & anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Loaded with Peppermint for invigorating & anti-bacterial effects
  • Convenient & quick to use Leaves skin calm, clean, matte & refreshed
  • Perfect for all skin types

Men Active Face Wash

  • A daily foaming cleanser for men. Helps exfoliate & remove impurities. Provides optimal toning benefits. Apply every morning & evening.
$22.50 $28.00

Men Daily Detox Face Wash - Cleanses, Purifies & Renews

  • A powerful detoxifying facial wash for men
  • Ultra-soft formula can be used every day without irritation or harm
  • Provides a deep cleansing to balance skin
  • Removes excess oil & impurities while improving skin's overall appearance
  • Enriched with Active Ingredients, such as Thermal Spring Water, Vitamin C & Organic Silicum
  • Leaves skin purified & renewed
$23.50 $32.00

Men Deep Cleansing Face Wash - Cleanse & Purify

  • A gentle yet deep cleansing facial wash for men
  • Formulated with Aloe, Green Tea & Seaweed
  • Helps cleanse, decongest & protect skin
  • Removes dirt, impurities & pollution from skin
  • Prepares skin for a closer shave
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth & purified
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Free of artificial preservatives, fragrances & colorants
$46.00 $52.00

Men Exfoliating Cleanser

  • An exfoliating facial cleanser for men. Contains deep-cleansing microbeads that gently eliminate embedded sweat, oil & dead surface cells. Preps skin for shaving.
$26.50 $32.00
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