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B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel

  • A silicone-free hydrating gel
  • Boosts powerful skin-balancing & anti-oxidant benefits
  • Formulated with one part Vitamin B to three parts stabilized Vitamin C
  • Delivers perfectly weighted moisture to skin
  • Develops smooth & youthful looking skin
  • Ideal for oily, combination & sensitive skin types

Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque

  • A rapid-functioning astringent masque for blemishes
  • Contains a powerful blend of plant actives & purified clays
  • Formulated with extracts of Chamomile Bud & Tea Tree Leaf
  • Loaded with Rosemary, Sage & Lemon Peel
  • Creates youthful skin in an even tone
  • Great for skin with occasional breakout to use year-round
  • To use: Apply on clean face, leave on for 10 minutes & rinse well, or leave on overnight

Gloam Eau de Parfum

  • A floral, green fragrance for all genders
  • Let you encounter interior worlds of limitless possibility & the quietest corners of the self
  • Sweet, rich, warm, earthy, spicy, powdery, arresting & rousing
  • Top notes are pink pepper, cardamom & orange flower
  • Middle notes are saffron, jasmine Sambac & mimosa
  • Base notes are iris, patchouli & copaiba
  • Suited to observers, soul-searchers & theorists
  • Launched in 2023
  • Suitable for all occasions

Gommage Leaf Body Scrub

  • An energizing, gel-based body scrub
  • Helps remove dead surface cells & deeply ingrained dirt without harming skin
  • Contains a precisely-blended ratio of Pumice & Bamboo to revive & stimulate skin
  • Restores clean, fresh, smooth & invigorated skin
  • Perfect for all skin types To use: Apply to body when showering, gently massage into skin. Use once a week

Miraceti Eau De Parfum Spray

  • A woody, spicy fragrance for all genders
  • Miraceti means ‘The Boat’, which pays homage to the serenity & savagery of the sea
  • Belongs to Othertopias range—a collection inspired by worlds within worlds
  • Warm, resinous, earthy & addictive
  • Top notes of black pepper, green maté & chilli leaf
  • Middle notes of labdanum, ambrette & styrax
  • Base notes of myrrh, cedar & red seaweed
  • Suitable for outdoor wear

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream

  • A lavish anti-oxidant balancing eye cream
  • Helps relieve & pacify stressed skin
  • Formulated with stabilized vitamin C & Green Tea
  • Blended with Parsley Seed, Lavender Stem & Chamomile
  • Concentrated with of Vitamins C & E
  • Reveals calm & nourished eye contour
  • Perfect for all skin types

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment

  • A powerful weekly facial treatment
  • Helps nourish, shield & revitalize all skin types
  • Enriched with anti-oxidant ingredients
  • Developed with Parsley Seed formula & Blackcurrant Seed
  • Delivers maximum anti-oxidant nourishment
  • Skin appears softer, sleeker & refreshed
  • Excellent for dehydrated or environmentally stressed skin To use: Apply morning or night to clean skin. Can be used on its own or blended with other daily regimen

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator

  • A lightweight, fast absorbing moisturizing lotion
  • Replenishes essential moisture to keep skin supple
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth & fresh
  • Delivers superb anti-oxidant benefit against free radical damage
  • Helps skin stay vibrant & young looking
  • Perfect for all skin types

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash With Screw Cap

  • A superior cleansing gel for hard working hands
  • Features a clear, low-foaming gel texture
  • Gentle formulation contains botanical oils of Orange, Rosemary & Lavender
  • Helps cleanse hands effectively without drying them out
  • Leaves hand feeling refreshed & nurtured

Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque (For All Hair Types)

  • A botanical treatment mask
  • Formulated with nourishing Rose Petal extracts
  • Helps condition & comfort scalp
  • Recovers softness, vigor & radiance to hair
  • Use weekly for optimum results
  • Perfect for all hair types

Shampoo (For All Hair Types)

  • An enlivening daily shampoo
  • Features a clear, low-foaming gel texture
  • Contains a suite of sophisticated ingredients, including bergamot rind, frankincense, cedar atlas & panthenol, to cleanse strands & scalp
  • Infused with a refreshing citrus, earthy & woody aroma
  • Helps effect soft, shiny & fragrant hair
  • Suitable for most scalp types including sensitive

Shine Hair & Beard Oil

  • A silicone-free hydrating oil that nourishes & softens hair & beard
  • Formulated with Borage Seed, Jojoba Seed & Petitgrain
  • Delivers essential fatty acids, imparts smoothness & luster without build-up or oily residue
  • Infused with green, citrus & floral aroma
  • Suitable for coarse, dry, frizzy, thick & wavy hair

A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser

  • A rosy botanical body cleansing gel
  • Features a low-lathering formula
  • Formulated with the finest Rose Oil
  • Infused with Cardamom & Black Pepper extracts
  • Helps mildly & deeply cleanse & deodorize without drying out skin
  • Perfect for all skin types

Amazing Face Cleanser

  • A lightly lathering cleansing gel
  • Formulated with botanical actives of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang & Lavender
  • Helps invigorate & balance skin
  • Thoroughly eliminates grease & environmental dirt
  • Leaves skin purified & refreshed
  • Ideal for greasy or open pored skin types
$48.00 $50.00

B & Tea Balancing Toner

  • An all-climate facial toner
  • Formulated with Provitamin B5 in the form of Panthenol & anti-oxidant Green Tea
  • Contains Sodium Gluconate to effectively condition skin & promote cell turnover
  • Skin appears clean, supple & shielded
$52.50 $55.00

Bitter Orange Astringent Toner

  • A rapidly mattifying astringent toner
  • Helps improve skin affected by hormonal or climatic change
  • Sucks up excess sebum, tones skin & eliminates surface grimes
  • Offers an effective energizing, balancing care
  • Leaves skin clarified & refined
  • Perfect for most skin types
  • Particularly great for skin suffering from humid climates

Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque

  • An intensely hydrating & soothing facial mask
  • Features a lightweight, emollient gel texture
  • Contains rosemary leaf oil, chamomile oil & ginger root extract
  • Provides anti-inflammatory & soothing benefits
  • Blended with Hyaluronic Acid to seal in moisture
  • Scented with an invigorating & herbaceous aroma Leaves skin soft, refreshed & replenished
  • Ideal for normal to dry skin
$52.50 $55.00

Body Cleansing Slab

  • A mild, creamy & vegetable-based soap
  • Features a pH-balanced formula & a liberal size for daily use
  • Helps efficaciously cleanse skin without dehydrating it
  • Enriched with nourishing essential oils
  • Delivers an exotic & juicy fragrance
  • Will not dissolve into slivers when it is getting smaller
  • Leaves body skin smooth & comfortable
$24.00 $25.00

Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream

  • An ultra hydrating cream
  • Formulated with nut & plant extracts
  • Dissolves immediately into skin
  • Delivers optimum moisture to most dehydrated parts of skin
  • Contains no aggravators of sensitive skin, including artificial preservatives
  • Reveals softer, sleeker & more radiant skin
  • Perfect for sensitive or very dry skin types
$47.00 $49.00

Cedar & Citrus Lip Salve

  • A delicately-scented, nourishing lip treatment
  • Velvety oil-gel texture offers exceptional moisturization to dry or chapped lips
  • Contains a blend of vegetable-derived emollients to smooth & soften lips
  • Infused with a fresh citrus woody fragrance to enhance the mood
  • Perfect for all skin types
$18.50 $19.00

Classic Shampoo (For All Hair Types)

  • A botanical daily shampoo
  • With an invisible gel texture
  • Helps gently cleanse hair & scalp while shielding hair against breakage
  • Contains botanicals & Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
  • Stimulates the growth of strong, healthy hair
  • Infused with refreshing mint & herbaceous aromas
  • Leaves hair supple, sleek & lustrous
$18.50 $19.00


  • An efficacious, transparent anti-blemish gel
  • Contains three highly effective ingredients: Niacinamide, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate & Salicylic Acid
  • Blended with six steam-distilled botanical extracts for anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps minimize the appearance & severity of blemishes rapidly
  • Pacifies the irritation associated with skin imperfections
  • Reveals a calmer & healthier looking complexion
$22.00 $23.00

Coriander Seed Body Cleanser

  • An energizing low-lather body cleansing gel
  • Formulated with essential oils of crushed Coriander Seeds & Black Peppercorns
  • Delivers a stimulating fragrance to invigorate spirit when cleansing
  • Leaves body skin soft & refreshed
  • Ideal for all skin types

Coriander Seed Body Cleanser (Refill)

  • An energizing low-lather body cleansing gel
  • Formulated with essential oils of crushed Coriander Seeds & Black Peppercorns
  • Delivers a stimulating fragrance to invigorate spirit when cleansing
  • Leaves body skin soft & refreshed
  • Ideal for all skin types

Eremia Eau De Parfum Spray

  • A green, floral & citrus fragrance for all genders
  • Conjures nature’s intelligent force
  • Belongs to the Othertopias range—a collection inspired by worlds within worlds
  • Fresh, bright, vibrant, zesty, waxy, musty & powdery
  • Top notes of Yuzu, bergamot & grapefruit
  • Middle notes of mimosa, green tea & guaiacwood
  • Base notes of galbanum, iris & patchouli
  • Suitable for day or outdoor wear
$179.00 $195.00

Fabulous Face Cleanser

  • A powerful, non-lathering cleansing gel
  • Developed with mild cleansing agents
  • Contains a revolutionary Olive Flesh cleanser
  • Effectively cleanses skin without drying it out
  • Leaves skin clean & comfortable
  • Ideal for sensitive, dry or combination skin
$48.00 $50.00

Fabulous Face Oil

  • An intensely hydrating night serum
  • Helps soothe dehydration & coarseness of skin
  • Formulated with ultra nourishing floral extracts
  • Blended with wild Ylang Ylang & precious Jasmine Petal
  • Dissolves thoroughly into skin without oily leftovers
  • Unveils softer & smoother skin in a healthy glow
  • 100% preservative-free
  • Perfect for dry, dull or stressed skin
  • To use: Apply on clean face & neck before bed
$56.00 $59.00
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