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Alkaplus Alkali Mineral Pot 1L

  • A two-stage water filtration system using natural materials makes it easy to extract sweet, smooth, alkaline, healthy water
  • Each cycle is equivalent to 2,000 Bottled Water. Alkaline water not only keeps you healthy, but also protects the global environment
  • 40 years of international production, designated for many international competitions & exhibitions
  • ISO 9001 14001 certified
  • 9.0pH alkaline water with 60 natural trace minerals to enhance the taste of water
  • Shows filter replacement time, easy to clean, BPA free
  • Product Size: 25.5cm(L) x 27cm(H)
  • Weight: 1,073g
  • Filter funnel capacity / kettle capacity: 900 ml / 1 liter
  • Filtration speed: 4-6 liters per hour (takes about 10-16 minutes to fill up the kettle)
  • Made in Korea
  • Developed by the world's leading water research scientists for over 40 years, Waters' products use natural filtration materials to convert clean water into fresh, energizing alkaline mineral water. Using nature's stratigraphic principles, the filtered water also tastes naturally sweet like natural mineral water, replenishing your body's hydration needs and giving you more energy.
$85.00 $136.00

Ammeltz Cura-Heat Patch - Extra Large Heat Therapy Patch for Back Pain and Stiffness

  • An air-activated heat therapy patch for back pain & stiffness
  • Effectively relieves back pain, muscle stiffness & fatigue
  • Generates an average 40°C natural therapeutic heat that targets the affected areas continuously for 18 hours
  • Extra-large sized patch of width 26cm covers firmly & thoroughly the entire back of the body
  • Promotes blood circulation, increases mobility, relaxes tense & sore muscles
  • Non-medicinal, fragrance-free & no side effects
  • Suitable for people who are allergic to medicine
  • Thin & discreet patch, ideal to use anywhere
$5.00 $8.00

Household Disinfectant Spray 330ml

  • Dr. Acme’s products effectively kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi, such as human coronavirus (including Covid-19), influenza, avian influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, etc. Our products have been certified by Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. The products are of edible grade, do not contain chemicals, alcohol or allergenic ingredients, are gentle and natural, and harmless to humans and animals. 

Netsusamashito Shirt Cool Spray - Fresh Citrus

  • An innovative, refreshing & cooling mist spray
  • for clothes
  • Specially designed to react with sweat to create an icy sensation
  • Helps keep the body cool & fresh, leaving you feeling comfortable
  • Should be sprayed on clothes before doing outdoor activities such as exercising, doing housework, gardening etc.
  • Great for use in hot days or humid weather
$8.00 $10.00
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