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Gold Capsule for Energy Boost

  • Product Introduction:
  • Increases physical strength & regulates physiological functions for men
  • Damiana Extract – a plant that grows in Mexico and Central and North America. Indians used to eat it to improve their physiological functions. It has the effect of improving senses and mildly stimulating nerves, and it is effective for both men and women. Long-term consumption can adjust the physique and restore vigor
  • Golden Diamond Black Maca – Maca contains macaene and macamide, which can help enhance physical strength and regulate physiological functions. In addition to macaene and macamide, maca also contains a variety of amino acids, potassium, vitamin K and other nutrients, which help regulate physiological functions and are a good choice for nutritional supplements
  • Emperor Drone Essence – Contains a high concentration of drone pupa protein essence and rich in arginine, which has the effect of tonifying liver and kidney Soft-shelled Turtle Essence – helps to nourish yin and yang, tonify and strengthen the body. If there is sufficient yang energy in the body, it is naturally beneficial to maintain male’s function
  • Organic Omega Zinc – Zinc can help men maintain their physical ability and energy
  • Dosage: 1 time a day, 2 capsules each time
  • Made in Taiwan
$63.00 $90.00